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mask-of-verdoy LONDON, 1932 ... a city held tight in the grip of the Great Depression. George Harley’s London.

The West End rotten with petty crime and prostitution; anarchists blowing up trams; fascists marching on the East End.  

And then, one smoggy night ...

The cruel stripe of a cutthroat razor ... three boys dead in their beds ... and a masked killer mysteriously vanishing across the smoky rooftops of Fitzrovia.

Before long the cockney detective is drawn into a dark world of murder and intrigue, as he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the very security of the British nation.

God save the King!  eh, George?


Enter the foggy streets of PICCADILLY NOIR

The 1930s ... thinking debutantes, Bright Young Things and P. G. Wodehouse? Think again—more like fascists, psychopaths, and kings of the underworld.

For this is GEORGE HARLEY’S London—a city of crime and corruption ... of murder most foul, and smiling, damned villains.

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Mask of the Verdoy: A George Harley Mystery Mask of the Verdoy: A George Harley Mystery (Book #1)
reviews: 13
ratings: 36 (avg rating 4.44)


Praise for "MASK OF THE VERDOY" (full reviews can be found on the EVENTS page):

"An engrossing historical murder mystery … readers will practically see the city’s pea-soup smog and smell Harley’s ubiquitous Gold Flake cigarettes wafting off the page." - (KIRKUS REVIEWS)

"An entrancing, fast-paced mystery ..." - (BEST SELLERS WORLD)

"It feels as though the reader is actually walking the cobbled streets and rubbing shoulders with the Londoners of the period … The plot moves with unremitting pace and it is a great tribute to Mr Lecomber that he manages to keep up both the tempo and the suspense until the very last page. 5 STARS – Highly recommended!" – (BEST SELLING CRIME THRILLERS)

“The smoky and smoggy atmosphere of 1930s London is captured beautifully … The dramatic finale is magnificently melodramatic, and ends the book – an excellent debut – in fine style. 5 STARS!” - (CRIME FICTION LOVER)

"A fast paced novel with believable characters ... thoroughly recommended." - (THE HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY)

“MASK OF THE VERDOY is an enthralling tale of murder and manipulation that’ll place you in 1930’s London. 4 STARS!” – (CRIME THRILLER HOUND)

"MASK OF THE VERDOY is rich in accurate and atmospheric detail. A complex plot and fully realised characters, some of whom are clearly inspired by real-life politicians, join intense storytelling to create a very enjoyable read." - (THE BOOKEATERS)