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MOTV feature & interview at 'The Write to Read'


The Main Things that Inspire my Writing

Our innate need for stories.

As humans we have an innate need for stories; those stories might be in the form of films, novels, gossip, jokes, news articles, songs … whatever—it’s all storytelling.

The wonderful Angela Carter included a story from Kenya in one of her anthologies of fairy fales (Marina Warner cites this tale in the introduction to her excellent book “From the Beast to the Blonde”). I think this Kenyan folktale sums it up quite nicely:

The wife of the Sultan has grown ill and is wasting away in the palace, while the wife of a poor man in the village thrives. The poor man is summoned by the Sultan who demands to know the secret of his wife’s happiness. ‘Oh, that’s easy,’ says the poor man. ‘I just feed her the meat of the tongue.’ The Sultan immediately sends out for every type of tongue that money can buy—ox tongue, larks’ tongue, lambs’ tongue … but still the Sultana withers away. Eventually the Sultan demands that the two wives swap places; no sooner has the exchange taken place than the Sultana, now living in the village with the poor man, starts to thrive; whereas the poor man’s wife, surrounded by the luxury in the palace, withers away.

You see, what the Sultan didn’t understand was that the “meats of the tongue” that the poor man fed his wife were in fact stories … they nourish us all, from king to peasant ...


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