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MOTV review at 'Sharing Links and Wisdom'

4.5 STARS!

Such a great book, where do I start? An entertaining look into the 1930s, wonderful characters, and a dynamic and engaging storyline. I'm not usually a historical fan, but the history and time period is woven into the story so well, that I was drawn in and interested instead of feeling like I was sitting through a boring history class. I got to see a side of London that you rarely hear about nowadays, and I was absolutely hooked. 

As for the characters; simply amazing. They were fleshed out, well written, and I found myself thinking of them as real people who I might have met walking down a London street in the 30s. The plot was also phenomenal. An engaging thriller, with turns I didn't see coming and an interesting end, that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I highly recommend giving Mask of the Verdoy a read, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.




For the full article folow this link: Mask of the Verdoy review at Sharing Links and Wisdom




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