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MOTV review at 'Word Menagerie'

4.5 STARS!

Historical fiction is kind of notorious for being boring, but I was pleasantly surprised with how interesting this book was throughout - even though it's definitely a longer book. As someone who generally enjoys a slightly darker story, I thought this did a really good job of combining the aspects of the London underworld with a dry humor. I enjoyed how overall witty and intelligent Harley was through the entire book, and I liked the relationship between him and his by-the-book partner. I'm always a fan of a story when it shows that the bad guys aren't always the person you'd expect. It showed the good and bad in all people, regardless of which side of the poverty line they fell.

I highly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a book they can really dig into. It's not an afternoon read, but it's definitely worth the time.


For a more in-depth video review follow this link: View Review at Word Menagerie




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