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MOTV review at 'Ajoobacats Blog'


Private Investigator George Harley, rescues a rent boy from a beating only later to find him murdered in Harley’s spare room. The DI on the case is only too happy to call it a suicide but Harley knows this isn’t the case. With his encyclopedic knowledge and his useful connections Harley is able to see that this killing is linked to others and is part of a much bigger conspiracy, linked to a secret society.

An absolutely mesmerising read set in 1930s London, post WWI, the language, setting and characters really bringing the period to life. Harley is a larger than life charming character whom I grew very attached to whilst reading this whodunit. Lecomber doesn’t skimp on anything: suspense, mystery, political intrigue, high society scandals and gruesome murders, with a cast of awesome characters.

A thriller to be savoured and enjoyed, a definite must-read.


Reviewed at: Ajoobacats Blog




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